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British Isles mapped out by genetic ancestry
« : 18 Март 2015, 21:52:34 »
British Isles mapped out by genetic ancestry

Ewen Callaway

18 March 2015

Researchers have found genetic signatures among Britons that betray their historical roots in particular locales of the UK, leading to the finest-scale map of genetic variation yet created. The analysis — which shows a snapshot of clusters of genetic variation in the late 1800s, when people were less likely to migrate far from their region of birth — reflects historical waves of migration by different populations into the island.

“The patterns we see are extraordinary,” says Peter Donnelly, director of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics in Oxford, UK, who co-led the study published 18 March in Nature1. “The genetic effects we’re looking at are the result of, probably, thousands of years of history.”


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Re: British Isles mapped out by genetic ancestry
« Ответ #1 : 19 Март 2015, 02:53:34 »
англосаксы оказались не совсем англы (жили на землях Ютландии):
In particular, we see no clear genetic evidence of the Danish Viking occupation and control of a large part of England, either in separate UK clusters in that region, or in estimated ancestry profiles, suggesting a relatively limited input of DNA from the Danish Vikings and subsequent mixing with nearby regions, and clear evidence for only a minority Norse contribution (about 25%) to the current Orkney population.

и не совсем саксы:
Two separate analyses (ancestry profiles and GLOBETROTTER) show clear evidence in modern England of the Saxon migration, but each limits the proportion of Saxon ancestry, clearly excluding the possibility of long-term Saxon replacement. We estimate the proportion of Saxon ancestry in Cent./S England as very likely to be under 50%, and most likely in the range of 10–40%.

Надо заметить, исключительное по своему охвату и глубине исследование, жаль, ученые отказались публиковать материалы ДНК.
Помнится, нечто подобное, вроде, затевали и в Дании.
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