АвторТема: Craniological and dental signatures of Out-of-Armenia  (Прочитано 2335 раз)

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Craniological and dental signatures of Out-of-Armenia
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Bioarchaeological Analysis Mutual Relations of Populations
Armenian Highlands and Eurasia Using Craniological and Dental
Nonmetric Traits
Anahit Yu. Khudaverdyan
Institute of Archaeology and Еthnography National Academy of Science, Republic of Armenia
Correspondence: Anahit Khudaverdyan, Institute of Archaeology and  Еthnography National Academy of
Science, Charents st.15, Yerevan 0025, Republic of Armenia. Tel: 374-565-884. E-mail:
Received: December 22, 2011  Accepted: February 7, 2012  Online Published: July 1, 2012
doi:10.5539/ach.v4n2p48          URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.5539/ach.v4n2p48
Undertaken here is a multidimensional craniometric analysis of more than 254 ethnic groups of the Neolithic and
Bronze Ages from the territory of Eurasia. On the basis of the received information, cluster analysis was done
and has shown the genetic condensations of ethnoses and vectors of relatives or, conversely, distinctions between
them. Craniometric and odontologic investigation of  the Bronze Age is interesting and in connection with
discussion about the origin of Indo-Europeans and about the place of their ancestral home. Different aspects of
the problem of the ancestral home of Indo-Europeans are far from completely resolved and generate lively
debate in the pages of scientific publications. New  anthropological data allowed identification of alien
Mediterranean characteristics influencing various ethnic Eurasian groups and revealed evidence of a migratory
stream from the Armenian highlands  and the Caucasus. This research provided new evidence of patterns of
ethnic contact and intermixture in Western Eurasia.
Keywords: craniometrical characteristics, dental anthropology, biocultural, Mediterranean type, Bronze Ages,
Armenian highlands


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