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Eurogenes Project is seeking new participants
« : 03 Июнь 2012, 17:18:39 »
Eurogenes is seeking new participants to its project, if all four of your grandparents come from the same ethnic group. Please read this quote from Polako:

Yes, I'm accepting new members. Participation is free, but only open to people with all four grandparents from a single ethnic group. In this context, ethnic group means something like Polish, Basque, or Turkish, and not European or "white". I'm especially looking for samples from across Northern Europe, all the way from Ireland to Russia. Please send your 23andMe or FTDNA raw autosomal data (in a zip file) to eurogenesblog [at] hotmail [dot] com. What can you expect? The proof is in the pudding - take a look at the blog and check out some of the analyses I've done to date.

More information can be found at http://bga101.blogspot.com/.
Would someone please post this on the Russian speaking portion of the forum, so any interested members can participate?


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