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The royal family of Korean Lee dynasty
« : 17 Февраль 2012, 19:33:08 »
Recently,I got a data contain 543 Korean 12 Y-STR samples,the data collected samples from 5 largest Korean surnames:Kim,Lee,Park,Choi and Jeong.
As we know,between 1392-1897 AD,the Jeonju Lee clan is the royal family of Korea.The family is of  Baekje origin,later they served the Silla and Goryeo Dynasty .After the Mongol invasion,the family members of this clan moved to tumen river and became mongolian minggans.In 1392 AD,General Yi Seong-gye founded the Chosun dynasty,Yi Seong-gye himself known as Taejo(great ancestor) of Joseon by his descendants
Interesting,we find a cluster of people with the surname Lee,this cluster is the largest one of Lee clan,share recent ancestry

And we find one person claim to be member of Jeonju Lee clan's haplotype exact match with the cluster

In a forensic site,we find many people belong to the cluster



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