АвторТема: Молоко и Европа  (Прочитано 1934 раз)

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Молоко и Европа
« : 17 Март 2011, 22:00:56 »
Ещё материал от Jean M


The dominant haplogroup in the northern division - Y1 - seems to be the later arrival and more concentrated in dairy than mixed breeds. Put that together with the places we find evidence for ancient milking as a significant part of the diet, and a pattern emerges. I see a trail up the Danube from the Sea of Marmara into Central Europe and on into the Funnel Beaker Culture of Scandinavia and the North European Plain, and also to the British Isles. Notice that Britain has breeds of both Y1 and Y2 haplogroups, which is consistent with the picture archaeologists have drawn of Neolithic farmers coming into the British Isles from several different directions. But the story is not as simple as west into Ireland and East into Britain.

Meanwhile another trail leads onto the European steppe, which eventually led to another burst of milk-loving pastoralists up the Danube.


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