АвторТема: A SNP-STR locus within the HLA class II region  (Прочитано 1727 раз)

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A SNP-STR locus within the HLA class II region
« : 04 Ноябрь 2010, 19:08:48 »
Abstract. Population genetics and sequence structure of the tetranucleotide short tandem repeat
locus D6S2822 were investigated in an Austrian Causasoid population sample in order to reveal
information about its usefulness for HLA haplotyping, linkage analyses and forensic testing. Seven
different sized alleles additionally showing sequence polymorphism could be detected. As for allele
distribution and statistic parameters D6S2822 turned out to be a moderately repetitive and
informative marker. Due to the A/G SNP adjacent to the repeat region this locus might also be of
interest for phylogenetic studies.
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Keywords: D6S2822; STR; Sequence; Population data; HLA


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