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10 000 полных геномов китайцев
« : 26 Май 2010, 20:15:59 »
Обсуждение на форуме Молбиола


Chinese bioscience: The sequence factory
The bold ambitions of one institute could make China the world leader in genome sequencing.

Now, freckled and fresh-faced at 23 years old, he baulks at the way a senior BGI colleague characterized his college career — saying Li was wasting time playing video games and sleeping during class. "I didn't sleep in lectures," Li says. "I just didn't go."
He runs a team of 130 bioinformaticians, most no older than himself.

Some recent achievements include the genomes of the cucumber, the giant panda, the first complete sequence of an ancient human and, in this issue of Nature, the genomes of more than 1,000 species of gut bacteria, compiled from 577 billion base pairs of sequence data.

In January, the BGI announced the purchase of 128 of the world's newest, fastest sequencers, the HiSeq 2000 from Illumina, each of which can produce 25 billion base pairs of sequence in a day. When all are running at full tilt, the BGI could theoretically sequence more than 10,000 human genomes in a year.

The BGI is at home in Shenzhen. Yang wants to sequence genomes at twice the speed and half the price of anyone else.


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