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J2-Z6065>Y13341 и Шулаверийская культура
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South Arc paper had many ancient DNA with J2-Z6065. Till now this branch was virtually absent from ancient remains. Now we can recover it's story. At last for it's Y13341 branch.
Here is the list of all Z6065+ samples.

The oldest case was in Armenia Neolithic from Masis Blur. I3930


From Chalcolithic NW Anatolia.I10542 3500bc TUR_Marmara_Ilıpınar_ChL


Another from Keti_LBA modern RoA I17183


Dinkha Tepe Iran, 1160 bce

And finally from Çavushtepe Van Urartian. I14765

So Y13341 is Neolithic farmers lineage which settles in historic Armenia. It is found in Shulaveri culture. But in most likelihood it was also present in Van region Neolithic farmers. Those Van farmers had similarities with Shulaveri except that they had painted pottery. Then in Chalcolithic in plain Anatolia we have migrations from East. As consequence it appears in Marmara region. Those who remain mountains continue to have new mutations. Almost certainly they were present in Kura-Araxes culture. And finally in post-KA developments one branch became more successful. It is the YP879. In most likelihood this expansion is related to the MBA Van-Urmia ware spread. As a result we see YP879 in Çavushtepe Iron Age. In Urartian burial.
Today this young MBA branch (4300ybp) is mostly found in Armenians, Arabs and occasionally in Europeans.


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