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The genetic origin of Huns, Avars, and conquering Hungarians

Huns, Avars, and conquering Hungarians were migration-period nomadic tribal confederations that arrived in three successive waves in the Carpathian Basin between the 5th and 9th centuries. Based on the historical data, each of these groups are thought to have arrived from Asia, although their exact origin and relation to other ancient and modern populations have been debated. Recently, hundreds of ancient genomes were analyzed from Central Asia, Mongolia, and China, from which we aimed to identify putative source populations for the above-mentioned groups. In this study, we have sequenced 9 Hun, 143 Avar, and 113 Hungarian conquest period samples and identified three core populations, representing immigrants from each period with no recent European ancestry. Our results reveal that this “immigrant core” of both Huns and Avars likely originated in present day Mongolia, and their origin can be traced back to Xiongnus (Asian Huns), as suggested by several historians. On the other hand, the “immigrant core” of the conquering Hungarians derived from an earlier admixture of Mansis, early Sarmatians, and descendants of late Xiongnus. We have also shown that a common “proto-Ugric” gene pool appeared in the Bronze Age from the admixture of Mezhovskaya and Nganasan people, supporting genetic and linguistic data. In addition, we detected shared Hun-related ancestry in numerous Avar and Hungarian conquest period genetic outliers, indicating a genetic link between these successive nomadic groups. Aside from the immigrant core groups, we identified that the majority of the individuals from each period were local residents harboring “native European” ancestry

LabID Archaeological_culture archaeological_age _(century or year CE) MT_Hg_(Haplogrep) Y_Hg_(Yleaf) Y_Hg_marker
FGDper4 Early Avar military leader 620-660 B4b1a3a C2a1a1b1b C-Y10442/etc*(xZ31688,Z31693)
LBper1432 Conq. elite 10. (1st half) U4d2 C2a1a1b1b C2a1a1b1b
PVper200 Late Avar 700-730 W3a1d C2a1a1b1b C-Y11630/etc*(xZ31690,Z31693)
PVper205 Late Avar 775-830 H5a1 C2a1a1b1b C-Y11630/etc*(xZ31688,Z31693)
MHper23S Conq. elite 10. N1a1a1a1a D1a1a1a1b D-SK2296/etc*(xZ31625)
HHper10 Late Avar 710-750 J1c+16261 E1b1b1a1b1~ E-PF2252*(xL17,BY6059,BY5224,Y7028,Z5016,Z37881,A11798,Z17293,BY6600)
IBEper90 early Árpádian period commoner 11. R1a E1b1b1a1b1~ E-PF2243*(xL17,BY6059,L251,Z7019,Z5016,Z37880,Z21356,Z36778,Z36880)
SZKper102 Early Avar 620-660 H6a1a E1b1b1a1b1~ E-PF2252*(xL17,BY6062,BY5242,S3015,CTS2001,CTS10052,BY4610,B415,Z21355,Z17293)
SZKper83 Middle Avar 650-675 K1a5a E1b1b1a1b1~ E-PF2252*(xZ36786,BY6058,L252,Y7028,Y3856,CTS4594,Z37883,Z21355,Z17293)
SZKTper311 Late Avar 700-830 K1c1e E1b1b1a1b1~ E-FGC11422*(xL17,A2192,L252,S3015,Z5016,Z37882,A11798,Z17293)
SZMper259 Middle Avar 7. U1a1a2 E1b1b1a1b1~ E-PF2243*(xZ36788,BY6060,L250,S3015,CTS2001,CTS7903,BY4610,B415,PF6778,Z17293)
SZODper376 Conq. commoner 11. (2nd half) H6b E1b1b1a1b1~ E-PF2252/etc*(xL17,BY6059,BY5224,Y7028,Z5016,Z37882,Z42778,BY6600)
ALTper442 Middle-Late Avar 670-750 K2a6 E1b1b1a1b1a E-PF2211/etc*(xL17,BY6062,BY5219,S3015,Z5016,Z37880,PF6778,Z17293)
KKper541 Late Avar 7. (end) H1au E1b1b1a1b1a E-PF2211/etc*(xL17,BY6063,L250,S3003,S24009,CTS10052,Z37883,Z21356,Z42778)
KKper251 Late Avar 7. (end) H3ag E1b1b1a1b1a10a2 E-Z21363/etc*(xZ21360,BY5520,BY5675,BY5670,BY5650,BY5625,BY5575,BY5502)
SZKTper70 Late Avar 700-830 H1h1 E1b1b1a1b1a10a2 E-Z21357/etc*(xZ21358,Z38769,BY5675,BY5670,BY5650,BY5625,BY5500)
PLEper23 merged Conq. commoner 10. (3rd third) T2d3 E1b1b1a1b1a10b E-FGC11451*(xZ37871,Z37873,FGC11446,Y17354,BY7875)
SZKTper265 Late Avar 8. U2e1b1 E1b1b1a1b1a10b E-B409/etc*(xZ37870,FGC11450)
SZKper130 Late Avar 700-750 H E1b1b1a1b1a10g1~ E-A10158
TCSper18 Conq. elite 10. (2nd half) J1c3f E1b1b1a1b1a15a1~ E-BY6245
SSDper144 Middle Avar 670-710 H1at E1b1b1a1b1a16a~ E-BY5023*(xA11182,BY5153)
KKper252 Late Avar 7. (end) HV1b E1b1b1a1b1a5a2~ E-Z36885
PVper12 Late Avar 700-750 HV0e E1b1b1a1b1a6~ E-Z5016*(xY3856,CTS6606)
TMHper199 Late Avar 700-760 HV+16311 E1b1b1a1b1a6~ E-Z5016*(xZ42776,Z21297,Z38664,BY4228,BY4529,BY4350,S19928,BY4584,CTS5415,BY4610)
SZODper829 Early Avar 620-660 HV4a1 E1b1b1a1b1a6a~ E-CTS6377/etc*(xZ21298,Z38664,BY4222,BY4545,BY4330,BY4362,BY4425,S19928,BY4601)
OBTper51 Late Avar 700-750 H74 E1b1b1a1b1a6a1~ E-CTS9320*(xZ42777,Z21298,Z38664,BY4225,BY4281,BY4361,BY4425,S19928)
SHper182 Conq. commoner 10. (2nd half) HV15 E1b1b1a1b1a6a1~ E-CTS9320*(xZ21302,BY4228,A10953,BY4281,BY4361,Z17107)
OBTper106 Late Avar 8. A+152+16362 E1b1b1a1b1a6a1b~ E-A10955/etc
ALTper369 Late Avar 710-750 T2a1b1a E1b1b1a1b1a9 E-Z42778*(xCTS9006,Z36880)
SZMper255 Middle Avar 650-710 R0a1a E1b1b1a1b2~ E-FGC2671/etc*(xM148,L674,CTS859,Z42909,Z36760,Y20406,PH3961,Z36765,PH2121,BY7350,BY7400,AM00058,BY7445,BY7700)
SZMper332 Late Avar 700-750 K1c1 E1b1b1a1b2c1a~ E-BY7452
SEper114 Conq. elite 10. (2nd half) U4 E1b1b1b1b1~ E-FGC18894*(xZ36214,FGC18990,PF2443^)
MHper137S early Árpádian period commoner 11. H11a G1a1a2a~ G-Z26335
SEOper4 Conq. elite 10. T2g1a G2a1a1a1a~ G-Z6632/etc*(xZ6638)
2043Bolzano Neolithic 5000 BC H46 G2a2a1a G-PF3177*(xY14946,S22038,Z31433,FT69996)
KKper245 Middle-Late Avar 7. (end) N1b1a2 G2a2b1a1a1a G-FGC5185*(xZ17086,Y92117,FGC5115,PF3321,Z46019)
2039Bolzano Middle Avar 8. H16c G2a2b1b1a2~ G-FGC41451*(xBY151009,Z39937,Z45397,BY187643,FT29722,FGC41449,Z31416)
HMSZper50 Conq. commoner 10-11. H1u2 G2a2b2a1a1a2a G-S10139/etc*(xY32922,Y110694,FGC21512,Y142023)
HMSZper231 Conq. commoner 10-11. U4a G2a2b2a1a1a2a1 G-Z44223*(xY32922,Y105464^)
K2per33 merged Conq. elite 10. (2nd third) U4a1b2 G2a2b2a1a1b1a1a1a1a G-Y11076.2*(xF1300.2,Z44715,Z31316,BY90857,Z45512,Z45925,BY71145)
2047Bolzano Neolithic 5000 BC J1c2 G2a2b2a3 G-Z40484/etc*(xZ40486,Z6359)
IBEper154 Conq. commoner 10. (2nd half) K2b2 I1a1a1~ I-S4767*(xS4763,Y17936,Y24819,S24397,Y6348,Y6339)
SZMper24 Middle Avar >660 H1c I1a1a1a1a~ I-Y4782/etc*(xY19809,Y7925)
SSDper151 Middle Avar 670-710 J1c10 I1a1a1a1a1~ I-A11382
PLEper28S Conq. commoner 10. (3rd third) U2e1b I1a1b1a1e2f~ I-FGC14508*(xFGC22128,FGC33462)
PLEper115 merged early Árpádian period commoner 11. (2nd third) N1a1a1a1a I1a1b1a1e2f1~ I-FGC22129*(xFGC23758,FGC22134)
PLEper216 merged Conq. commoner 10. (3rd third) C4a2c I1a1b1a1e2f1~ I-FGC22129/etc*(xFGC23758,FGC22128)
SZMper38 Middle Avar ~650 T2b I1a2a2 I-Z2041*(xY3564,Z44266,Z26340,FGC24368,Y5391)
HHper22 Late Avar 670-750 U5a1g I1a2a2a3~ I-Y3643*(xZ2042)
K2per26S Conq. elite 10. (2nd third) T1a1 I1a3 I-S243*(xFGC9519,S17023,FGC14493,A8229,PH2195,Y7073,Y14661,Y13961,S19965)
MHper88 early Árpádian period commoner 11. T1a4 I1a3a~ I-FGC9505*(xFGC9509,FGC14870,FGC14479,Y20876,Y24458,Y16523,S2097)
TMHper509 Late Avar 800-830 A8a1 I1a3a1a2~ I-FGC14870*(xS15301,L1243)
TMHper798 Late Avar 8. H3h I1a3a1a2~ I-FGC14870*(xS15301,L1243)
HMSZper43 Conq. commoner 10-11. U5a1c2a1 I2a1a2b1a1a I-S20602*(xYP205,Y3118,S8201,A6106,Y18332)
MHper4 Conq. elite 10. N1a1a1a1a I2a1a2b1a1a I-S9952*(xYP205,Y10622,S8201,A6106,A7134)
MHper9 merged Conq. elite 10. T1a I2a1a2b1a1a I-S20602*(xY3548,Y4460,A16413,Y18331)
SPper10 Conq. elite 10. (2nd third) B4d1 I2a1a2b1a1a1 I-S17250/etc*(xBY128,A811,FGC30458,Y15928,A12505,A356,A5913,PH3310,A13908)
SHper251 Conq. commoner 10. (2nd half) U5a1a1a I2a1a2b1a1a1b I-Y4882*(xY15928,A12505)
K2per16 Conq. elite 10. (1st half) X2l I2a1a2b1a1a2 I-Y4460*(xY3118,S8201,A6106)
K2per52 merged Conq. elite 10. (1st half) X2f I2a1a2b1a1a2 I-Y4460*(xY5598,Y13498,Y16810)
K3per12 merged Conq. elite 10. (2nd third) A13 I2a1a2b1a1a2 I-Y4460*(xY3118,S8201,A6106)
PVper125 Middle Avar 650-710 H17 I2a1b1a2a1a1~ I-S8269/etc*(xS23612)
IBEper107 early Árpádian period commoner 11. I5a2+16086 I2a1b1a2b1a~ I-FGC7880/etc*(xCTS327,FGC3622,S12606,Y7157,Y31861,FGC30184,Y16445,Y22370,Y7205,Y36556)
SZFper26 Early Avar 620-660 J1c10 J1a2a1a2d2b2b2c4~ J-YSC0000080/etc*(xPF4879,FGC8183,FGC17145,FGC35123,FGC22720,ZS6157,ZS1559,Z18186,ZS1542,FGC15940,CTS6152,FGC11,PF4865)
SZFper43 Early Avar 7. W1c J1a2a1a2d2b2b2c4b~ J-YSC0000076/etc*(xZS1530,FGC8183,FGC17146,SK1303,FGC22720,FGC17148,Z18186,ZS1711,FGC15938)
FUper193 Early Avar 650-750 U3b1b J2a~ J-F1183/etc*(xCTS758,Y21765)
PLEper195S Conq. commoner 10. (3rd third) H1a J2a1a1a2b2a2b2b~ J-Z6271
VPBper167 Conq. elite 10. (2nd half) T2b+152 J2a1a1a2b2a3b1a1b~ J-Y17946*(xY142864)
SHper2 Conq. commoner 10. (2nd half) H1c J2a1a1a2b2a3b1b~ J-CTS6804*(xY33329,Y3640)
BKper2 Conq. elite 10. (1st half) U5a2b2a J2a1a1b2a1a2 J2a1a4b J-L25*(xM137,L192.2)
KDAper485 Middle Avar 7. (end) I5 J2a1a1b2a1a2a J-SK1382*(xFGC30675)
KPMper23 Middle Avar 710-750 H5a2 J2a1a1b2a1b1 J-L397*(xPH2725,FGC52116,Z40772)
KPMper14 Early-Middle Avar 620-660 H13a2c1 J2a1a1b2a1b1b~ J-PF5430*(xF801,Z2177,FGC6750,FGC54172)
SSDper198 Middle Avar 670-710 H J2a1a2b2a2~ J-Y14449*(xZ27879,Y21178)
VPBper307 Late Avar elite 9. H2a1 J2b2a1 J-Z595/etc*(xAM00228,YP155)
SPper2 Conq. elite 10. (2nd third) C4a1a3 J2b2a1a1a1a1a J-Z1297*(xCTS1317,Y27523)
ALTper77 Early-Middle Avar 620-675 H13a2c1 J2b2a1a1a1a1a1b~ J-Y21878*(xY37121)
KeF2per14 Conq. elite 10. (1st half) N1a1a1a1 N1a1a1~ N-M2092*(xZ19806^,FGC12503)
K2per29 merged Conq. elite 10. (2nd third) J1b1a1+146 N1a1a1a1a2~ N-CTS1223*(xCTS11520,F859)
SZAKper1 Conq. elite 10. T2d1b1 N1a1a1a1a2~ N1a1a1a1a2
SOper5 Conq. elite 10. C4a1 N1a1a1a1a2a1c~ N-Y13851/etc*(xY24219,Y24361)
PLEper95 early Árpádian period commoner 11. (1st half) H16a1 N1a1a1a1a2a1c1~ N-Y24219*(xY24227)
ACGper19 Early Avar 620-660 H52 N1a1a1a1a3a N-Y16223/etc*(xB198,Y16313)
CSPFper114 Early Avar 620-660 D4o1 N1a1a1a1a3a N-F4284/etc*(xZ35309,Y16313)
CSPFper182 Middle Avar 670-710 C4a2c N1a1a1a1a3a N-Y16222/etc*(xB198,Y16313)
CSPFper213 Late Avar 700-750 B4b1a3a N1a1a1a1a3a N-Y16310/etc*(xZ35307,Y16313)
CSPFper37 Middle Avar 670-710 U5a1b1 N1a1a1a1a3a N-F3271/etc*(xZ35308,Y16313)
KFPper31 Early Avar 620-660 B4c1b2 N1a1a1a1a3a N-F4284/etc*(xB198,Y16313)
KFPper6 Early Avar leader 620-660 H1a3 N1a1a1a1a3a N-Y16219/etc*(xB198,Y16313)
KKper670 Late Avar 8. (middle) C4 N1a1a1a1a3a N-Y16223/etc*(xZ35307,Y16313)
MTper23 Middle Avar 670-710 J1c2c2a N1a1a1a1a3a N-Y16222/etc*(xZ35307,Z35319,Y16316,Z35327)
MTper74 Middle Avar 670-710 A+152+16362 N1a1a1a1a3a N-Y16327/etc*(xZ35307,Y16313)
CSper465 Early Avar elite 7. (middle third) C4b6 N1a1a1a1a3a2 N-Y16313/etc*(xB220,F2288,Z38344,Z35331)
FUper215 Early Avar 620-660 F1b1+@152 N1a1a1a1a3a2 N-B219*(xZ35319,Y16316,Z35327)
KKper445 Late Avar 8. (middle) HV0 N1a1a1a1a3a2 N-Y16221/etc*(xZ35322,Y16316,Z35328)
KVper3369 Early Avar elite 670-710 G2b2 N1a1a1a1a3a2 N-B219*(xY16330,Z38344,Z35339)
MTper29 Early Avar 620-660 U5b2a2b N1a1a1a1a3a2 N-B219*(xY16316,Z35328)
SZODper554 Early Avar 620-660 G2b2 N1a1a1a1a3a2 N-B219/etc*(xB220,F2288,Z35327)
TTSZper43 Late Avar 730-830 M7c1a1a1 N1a1a1a1a3a2 N-Y16313/etc*(xZ35322,Y16316,Z35328)
KDper16 Middle Avar 7. U1b2 N1a1a1a1a4 N-M2118/etc*(xM2103,A9408)
KHper500 Conq. elite 10. (2nd half) K1a N1a1a1a1a4 N-M1992/etc*(xM2108)
AGYper92 Conq. elite 10. D4j5a N1a1a1a1a4a2~ N-A9408
KeF2per15 merged Conq. elite 10. (1st half) C4b Q1a1a1 Q-Y532/etc*(xY542,PH1003)
ARKper29 Late Avar 8. Z1a Q1a2a1~ Q-Y9300/etc*(xZ35997,B278,B279,FGC7020,BZ658)
MMper227 Early Avar 568-625 H1bn Q1a2a1~ Q-Y11671/etc*(xZ35994,Z36001,Z36004,FGC7020,BZ642)
MMper268 Early Avar 600-625 N9a9 Q1a2a1~ Q-YP840/etc*(xZ35994,Z35999,Z36002,FGC7020,BZ639)
ARKper17 Late Avar 8.-9. HV0e Q1a2a1a~ Q-Y10786*(xZ35994,Z36001,B279,FGC7020)
ARKper19 Late Avar 8.-9. Z1a Q1a2a1a~ Q-L713*(xZ35994,B278,Z36003,FGC7020)
ARKper24 Late Avar 8.-9. T1a5 Q1a2a1a~ Q-L713/etc*(xZ35996,B278,Z36002,FGC7015,YP1679)
ARKper36 Late Avar 8 G3a3 Q1a2a1a~ Q-L713*(xB277,Z36001,B279,FGC7020)
ARKper6 Late Avar 8 T2 Q1a2a1a~ Q-Y10786/etc*(xZ35996,Z35999,Z36003,FGC7020)
ARKper50 Late Avar 9. (1st third) D4b1 Q1a2a1a4a1~ Q-BZ1000
VPBper310 Conq. elite 10. (1st half) D4e4 Q1b1a3b1 Q-BZ99*(xB30)
SEper23 Conq. elite 10. (2nd half) J1c3k Q2b2~ Q-YP4495/etc*(xY29466)
K1per3286 Conq. elite 10. (1st half) H3am R1a1a1b~ R-CTS5508/etc*(xAM01874,CTS456,V3092,YP1155,S443,YP5885,YP5822,YP5971,AM00480,Z2125,F1345,Y62,M12222,CTS11926,YP1452,YP5323,YP1506,Y20793,Y35117,YP5589)
KFPper30a Early Avar 620-660 B4b1a3a R1a1a1b~ R-CTS9754/etc*(xAM01874,S204,S443,Y17491,YP4758,AM00479,Z2125,S4576,Y38,FGC30890,YP1451,YP5323,YP1508,Y20788,Y35117,YP5585)
OBTper3 Late Avar 750-800 H1 R1a1a1b1a2a~ R-CTS9412/etc*(xYP569,YP270,Z685)
OBTper56 Late Avar 700-750 H1 R1a1a1b1a2a~ R-CTS9412*(xYP577,YP1700,BY30708,YP5523,YP272,Z685)
SHper98 Conq. commoner 10. (2nd half) T2b R1a1a1b1a2a3~ R-Z685*(xS3354)
KAUK11 Subbotyic 9.-10. J1c R1a1a1b1a2b3a~ R-S3358/etc*(xFGC19244,FGC13685,YP5202,YP578,FGC21228,S3359,FGC15007)
SEIper5 Hun period 4. (end)-5. (1st half) T1a1 R1a1a1b1a2b3a1~ R-FGC13709*(xYP297,FGC19224,Y17519,FGC13685,Y9082,FGC21231)
SEIper1 Hun period 4. (end)- 5. (1st half) T1a1 R1a1a1b1a2b3a1a~ R-FGC19233/etc*(xYP297,FGC19221,Y17526)
K1per10 Conq. elite 10. (1st half) U3b1b R1a1a1b1a2b3a1a1a~ R-YP295/etc*(xYP346,Y22701)
KAUK10 Subbotyic 9.-10. J1c R1a1a1b1a2b3a1c~ R-Y9082/etc*(xYP5191,YP1112,Y35751,Y10802)
AGYper75 Conq. elite 10. (2nd half) H5a1 R1a1a1b1a2b3a3~ R-Y36*(xFGC11514,Y18328,Y35213,BY32474,YP6088,FGC56514,YP4968,PH3519,YP5918,FGC4531,PH3782)
TMHper388 Middle Avar 7. U4a R1a1a1b1a2b3a3a2~ R-FGC10190/etc*(xCTS11142,YP1447,Y35213,BY32477,YP6085,Y4383,FGC56507,FGC10352)
HMSZper88 Conq. commoner 10-11. C5b1a R1a1a1b1a3a2b2b1~ R-S5730*(xYP5861,S5731)
ARKper49 Late Avar 9. (1st third) H3 R1a1a1b2~ R-AM01870*(xAM00483,Z2124,M12253,FGC30891,Y20793,Y35117,YP5585)
NKper2 Conq. elite 10. C4d R1a1a1b2~ R-AM01870*(xF3568,YP1451,YP5323,YP1508,Y20787,Y34305,Y24737)
JHTper130 Late Avar 8.-9. H+152 R1a1a1b2a~ R-F3568*(xAM00480,SUR1,M12301,M4367,Y29561,YP1344,YP5505,F1345,Y51,Y38,CTS11926)
JHTper154 Middle-Late Avar 7.-8. H14b R1a1a1b2a~ R-F3568*(xAM00483,Z2123,M12301,FGC48782,YP1557,S23201,S4576,CTS11926)
DKper701 Early Avar military leader 620-660 V1a1 R1a1a1b2a2a3~ R-S23592/etc*(xFGC48759,PH1397,Y12480,Y60362)
JHTper30 Late Avar 780-820 H2a1 R1a1a1b2a2a3~ R-YP349/etc*(xFGC48792,YP1557,S23201)
HUNper1 Hun period 5. (2nd third) M7c1a1a1 R1a1a1b2a2a3c~ R-S23201*(xYP1348,Y65081)
SZRVper147 Middle Avar 8. K1a4j R1a1a1b2a2a3c~ R-S23201*(xY12888,Y70173)
SZRVper168 Late Avar 8. T2b R1a1a1b2a2a3c~ R-S23201*(xYP1346,Y73177)
SZRVper277 Late Avar 8. T2b4+152 R1a1a1b2a2a3c~ R-S23201*(xYP1348,Y71273)
VZper12673 Hun period 5. D4j12 R1a1a1b2a2a3c2~ R-S12380/etc*(xY73177)
SZODper566 Conq. commoner 10. N9a9 R1a1a1b2a2b1d2~ R-YP4768/etc*(xPH1197)
HUNper3 Hun period 5. (1st-2nd third) H5 R1a1a1b2a2b2 R-Y57*(xYP667,Y56)
K2per61 Conq. elite 10. (1st half) U4d2 R1a1a1b2a2b2~ R-Y62/etc*(xYP636,FGC4547)
MTper17 Middle Avar 670-710 H2a1f R1a1a1b2a2b2~ R-Y2169/etc*(xYP632,Y2631,YP1271,FGC4582)
PLEper200 Conq. commoner 10. (3rd third) X2f R1a1a1b2a2b2~ R-Y61/etc*(xYP615,Y2631,YP1271,YP5652)
ARKper14 Late Avar 9. H1c20 R1a1a1b2a2b2b~ R-Y60/etc*(xYP1269,FGC4582)
VPBper279 Carolingian 9. U2e1a1 R1a1a1b2a2b2b3a~ R-YP5644
K2per18 Conq. elite 10. (2nd third) T1a1 R1a1a1b2a3b~ R-Y41
K3per13 merged Conq. elite 10. (2nd third) B4d1 R1b1a1b1a1 R-PF6540*(xL151)
SZODper394 Conq. commoner 10. H6a1b3 R1b1a1b1a1 R-P311/etc*(xL151)
NTHper19 Conq. commoner 10. I4a R1b1a1b1a1a1a1 R-AM01884/etc*(xFGC3867,A4647)
SHper175 Conq. commoner 10. (2nd half) J2b1a R1b1a1b1a1a1c2a1c2b2 R-FGC12307*(xFGC12312,A6402)
PLEper38 merged Conq. commoner 10. (3rd third) K1a3 R1b1a1b1a1a1c2b1b4a1 R-FGC17308
PLEper384 early Árpádian period commoner 11. (2nd third) H1q R1b1a1b1a1a1c2b1b4a2 R-FGC17297/etc*(xY6463)
HMSZper157 Conq. commoner 10-11. U3a1b R1b1a1b1a1a1c2b2a R-S271/etc*(xS509,S11003,S16573,FGC19768,FGC23425,S26063)
ALTper224 Middle Avar 670-710 H1e1b1 R1b1a1b1a1a1c2b2a1b1b1a1b2a R-FGC925
TCSper5 Conq. elite 10. (2nd half) U4c2 R1b1a1b1a1a1c2b2b1a R-S380/etc*(xFGC10367,S506)
HUNper2 Hun period 5. (2nd third) D4j8 R1b1a1b1a1a1c2b2b1a~ R-S1746/etc*(xFGC10367,S21728,Z83)
SHper15 Conq. commoner 10. (2nd half) H1aj R1b1a1b1a1a2 R-P312*(xDF27,L409,L671,PF6601,S484,PF4363,S461,Z2247,DF19,DF99,Y18211,ZZ38)
MSper45 Early Avar 620-660 K1c2 R1b1a1b1a1a2a R-DF27*(xL629,Z2552,L881,F3867.2,Z222)
MSper50 Middle Avar 670-710 U5a1g R1b1a1b1a1a2a R-DF27*(xS227,Z2552,L881,S359,DF81)
SZAper7 Conq. commoner 10. H1a1c R1b1a1b1a1a2a1a1~ R-S450/etc*(xS1217)
SHper19 Conq. commoner 10. (2nd half) W5 R1b1a1b1a1a2b1 R-L2*(xS255,S369,S257,FGC22963,S22778,FGC31475,FGC22538,BY3487)
IBEper176 Conq. commoner 10. (2nd half) H6a1a R1b1a1b1a1a2b1c1b1a1a R-FGC5007
IBEper161 Conq. commoner 10. (2nd half) V7a R1b1a1b1a1a2b1c1b3a R-FGC12383*(xFGC12404)
SHper1 Conq. commoner 10. (2nd half) H1c1 R1b1a1b1a1a2b3 R-PF6601*(xL4,S47)
PLEper441 early Árpádian period commoner 11. (2nd third) U5a1a1h R1b1a1b1a1a2c1a4b2c1a R-Z2183/etc*(xCTS11831)
HMSZper86 Conq. commoner 10-11. H5b R1b1a1b1b R-CTS9416*(xL943,L277.1,CTS1843)
SZKTper62 Late Avar 700-830 V1a1b R1b1a1b1b R-CTS9416/etc*(xL943,Z2106)
NTHper1 Conq. commoner 10. (2nd half) U5a1d2b R1b1a1b1b3a R-CTS1843*(xS12460)
CSBper3 Hun period 4. (end)- 5. (beginning) T2b3+151 R1b1a1b1b3a1a1 R-CTS9219*(xA1777)
SZAper52 Conq. commoner 10. T2c1d1 R1b1a1b1b3a2 R-Y14416
SZKper180 Middle Avar 650-675 H R1b1a1b2a2b4 R-PH2558*(xPH4238)
VPBper561 Conq. commoner 10. H17a1 T1a2b T-L446/etc*(xCTS12204,FGC23010)

LabID Archaeological_culture archaeological_age_(century or year CE) MT_Hg_(Haplogrep)
MMper240 Early Avar 600-625 A+152+16362
SZRVper266 Late Avar 8. A+152+16362
SZRVper54 Early Avar 7. A10
SZAKper6 Conq. elite 10. A16
ARKper41 Middle-Late Avar 7. (end) B4b1a3a
K3per6 Conq. elite 10. (2nd third) B4d1
SZAper154 Conq. commoner 10. B5b4
SHper3 Conq. commoner 10. (2nd half) C4a1
KVper3456 Middle-Late Avar elite 670-710 C4a1a
MMper271 Early Avar 568-660 C4a1a+195
SPper9 Conq. elite 10. (2nd third) C4a2a1
NTHper2 Conq. commoner 10. C4b
SHper5 Conq. commoner 10. (2nd half) D4j+16311
SZAKper7 Conq. elite 10. D5a1
MMper245 Early Avar 600-625 D5a2a1a1
MMper434 Early Avar 620-660 F1b1b
TCSper2 Conq. elite 10. (2nd half) G2a1
KKper441 Late Avar 8. (middle) G2a2
SZODper187 Early Avar 620-660 G2b2
ARKper21 Late Avar 9. (1st third) G3a3
IBEper116 early Árpádian period commoner 11. H
K1per1 Conq. elite 10. (1st half) H
KKper429 Middle-Late Avar 8. (middle) H+152
HHper102 Middle Avar 670-710 H+195+146
MHper106 early Árpádian period commoner 11. H10e
MHper107 merged early Árpádian period commoner 11. H11a7
SZKper213 Early Avar 650-675 H13a2b2
VPBper600 early Árpádian period commoner 12. H13a2b2a
ALTper414 Late Avar 710-830 H13a2c1
SZAper20 Conq. commoner 10. H1a
KDAper188 Middle Avar 7. (end) H1aj
CSUper11 Conq. elite 10. H1c
CSBper9 Early Avar 4. (end)- 5. (beginning) H1c22
SEIper6 Hun period 4. (end)-5. (1st half) H1u
PVper116 Middle Avar 670-710 H3b6
VPBper118 early Árpádian period commoner 11. H47a
PLEper327 early Árpádian period commoner 11. (2nd third) H4a1a1a3
HMSZper229 Conq. commoner 10-11. H5
ANper286 Early Avar 620-660 H56
SSDper17 Early Avar 620-660 H56
SZODper426 Conq. commoner 11. H6a1a4
HCper168 Early Avar 620-660 H7
VPBper31 Late Avar 9. HV10
IBEper106 early Árpádian period commoner 11. HV1a1a
SZODper76 Early Avar 620-660 HV2a
SZAKper4 Conq. elite 10. HV4a2a
KHper596 Conq. elite 10. (2nd half) J1b1a1
SEper16 Conq. elite 10. (2nd half) J1b1a2a
2049Bolzano Neolithic 5000 BC J1c2m
AGYper49 Conq. elite 10. (2nd half) J1c3a2
ARKper11 Late Avar 8.-9. J1c3k
SZAper44 Conq. commoner 10. J1c5
KVper3367 Middle Avar elite 670-710 J1c9
ARKper43 Late Avar 8.-9. J2a2b2
ARKper48 Late Avar 9. (1st third) J2a2b2
SSDper58 Early Avar 620-710 J2a2b2
PLEper57 Conq. commoner 10. (3rd third) J2b1c
HMSZper5 Conq. commoner 10-11. K1
KKper368 Late Avar 7. (end) K1a2c
SSDper35 Middle Avar 670-710 K1b1a1+199
SZLAper646 Hun period 5. (2nd third-middle) K1c1d
MSper43 Early Avar 620-660 K1c2
SZODper127 Early Avar 620-660 K2a5b
PLEper418 early Árpádian period commoner 11. (2nd third) M1a1b1
KFPper7 Early Avar leader 620-660 N
SZRVper212 Late Avar 8. N1a1a1
SZRVper67 Late Avar 8. N1a1a1
IBEper206 Conq. commoner 10. (2nd half) N1b1a3
ALTper596 Late Avar 710-830 T1a1
KDper29 Middle Avar 7. T1a1
OBHper52 Late Avar 650-700 T1a1
SEper64 Conq. elite 10. (2nd half) T1a1
ARKper16 Late Avar 8.-9. T1a5
MMper131 Early Avar 600-625 T2b+152
TMHper756 Middle Avar 630-670 T2b25
NTHper20 Conq. commoner 10. T2b4a
KDAper520 Middle Avar 7. (end) T2c1+146
HMSZper245 Conq. commoner 10-11. T2e
SHper12S Conq. commoner 10. (2nd half) U2e1
SEOper3 Conq. elite 10. U2e1h
OBHper37 Late Avar 650-700 U3b1b
AGYper87 Conq. elite 10. (2nd half) U3b2a
VPBper588 Conq. commoner 11. U4
KVper3450 Late Avar elite 710-750 U4b1a1a
MHper153 merged early Árpádian period commoner 11. U5a1a2
KAUK9 Subbotyic 9.-10. U5a2a1
ARKper38 Late Avar 8 U5a2b
OBTper108 Late Avar 8. U5a2b2a
MHper14 Conq. elite 10. U5b1b
SZAper29 Conq. commoner 10. U8b1b
SZRVper316 Late Avar 8. W1e1a
TMHper1273 Late Avar 750-830 W3b
SZKTper89 Late Avar 700-750 W5
KPMper27 Middle-Late Avar 670-750 X2+225
SZFper181 Early Avar 620-710 X2d
ALTper412 Late Avar 730-830 X2k
ANper376 Early Avar 620-660 Y1a1
SZFper371 Early Avar 620-660 Y1a1
ARKper20 Late Avar 8.-9. Z1a

BAM файлы


Таблица с данными по образцам

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Оффлайн rozenblatt

  • Сообщений: 1596
  • Страна: kg
  • Рейтинг +2117/-0
  • Y-ДНК: C-ZQ31
  • мтДНК: M8a
Великолепная новость!

Оффлайн Таусо

  • Сообщений: 222
  • Страна: ru
  • Рейтинг +110/-14
  • Y-ДНК: G2a1-Z31461
Отличная работа, очень много образцов  :o

Оффлайн Valery

  • Сообщений: 10107
  • Страна: 00
  • Рейтинг +1381/-7
  • Ultimate Matriarchy
Судя по всему, западноевразийским митогаремом они обзавелись еще в степи

Оффлайн Oxon

  • Сообщений: 1936
  • Страна: gb
  • Рейтинг +479/-4
Может, это были завоевательницы, а не жены.

Оффлайн Oxon

  • Сообщений: 1936
  • Страна: gb
  • Рейтинг +479/-4
K2per16     Conq. elite    10. (1st half)   X2l   I2a1a2b1a1a2   I-Y4460*(xY3118,S8201,A6106)
K2per52  Conq. elite    10. (1st half)   X2f   I2a1a2b1a1a2   I-Y4460*(xY5598,Y13498,Y16810)
K3per12  Conq. elite    10. (2nd third)   A13   I2a1a2b1a1a2   I-Y4460*(xY3118,S8201,A6106)

Батюшки.  Наши люди в элиту попали.  От интересных матерей все, причем.


K2per16      Karos-2   Conq. elite   
47-61% EU_Core5    22-29% Conq_Asia_Core    21-26% Hun_Sarm2/Xianbei/lXio

K2per52 Karos-2   Conq. elite    
EU/Avar_cline   48-56% EU_Core    44-52% Alan/BMAC   

K3per12    Karos-3   Conq. elite    
Avar_cline (outlier)   25-37% EU_Core    40-48% Scytho-Iranian (ANAPA/Karluk/Alan     19-23% Hun_Sarm2/Hun_Asia_Core/Xianbei/Avar_Asia_Core

Похоже местные отцы (или отец) и аристократки матери из пришельцев-Завоевателей.
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Оффлайн Deus

  • Сообщений: 386
  • Страна: pl
  • Рейтинг +60/-8
From pre-Iron Age sources Mansis could be qpAdm modelled from 48%Mezhovskaya, 44% Nganasan and 8% Botai19, while Conq_Asia_Core1 from 52%
Mezhovskaya, 13% Nganasan, 20% Altai_MLBA_o and 15% Mongolia_LBA_CenterWest_4D

Кто-нибудь знает,что это за Altai_MLBA_o такой?

Proximal sources Conq_Asia_Core1 could be consistently modelled from 50%Mansi, 35% Early/Late Sarmatian and 15% Scytho-Siberian-outlier/Xiongnu/Hun ancestries,and Conq_Asia_Core2 had comparable models with shifted proportions .

Оффлайн Tora_sama

  • Сообщений: 805
  • Страна: ru
  • Рейтинг +379/-0
  • Y-ДНК: E-Y184711
  • мтДНК: H1b2g
Там и Ешников немало завезли))

Оффлайн Oxon

  • Сообщений: 1936
  • Страна: gb
  • Рейтинг +479/-4
Там и Ешников немало завезли))
А по аутосомам и характеру могил они может местные?

Оффлайн Oxon

  • Сообщений: 1936
  • Страна: gb
  • Рейтинг +479/-4
K2 52-ой I-Y4460*

Мито Х2f сейчас: Турция-Иран-Кавказ

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Оффлайн Tora_sama

  • Сообщений: 805
  • Страна: ru
  • Рейтинг +379/-0
  • Y-ДНК: E-Y184711
  • мтДНК: H1b2g
Тот который элитный Ешник вообще из субуклада с немцами и англосаксами. А так все вроде V13, наши местные, с телефона очень не удобно смотреть((

Оффлайн Oxon

  • Сообщений: 1936
  • Страна: gb
  • Рейтинг +479/-4
K3 12-ый I-Y4460*

Мито А13  Китай

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Оффлайн Oxon

  • Сообщений: 1936
  • Страна: gb
  • Рейтинг +479/-4
K2 16-ый I-Y4460*

Мито Х2I  сейчас: Турция, Венгрия, Иран, Китай, Дания

Оффлайн kardes

  • Сообщений: 1185
  • Страна: ru
  • Рейтинг +1757/-11
  • Y-ДНК: G2a1
Х2f уже находили у алан DA161   Архонский   Кат.11   VI-VIII вв.   Аланская   муж.   Q-L330  мт-  X2f
K2per52  Conq. elite    10. (1st half)   X2f   I2a1a2b1a1a2   I-Y4460*(xY5598,Y13498,Y16810)
K2per52 Karos-2   Conq. elite    
EU/Avar_cline   48-56% EU_Core    44-52% Alan/BMAC   
Похоже местные отцы (или отец) и аристократки матери из пришельцев-Завоевателей.
K2 52-ой I-Y4460*
Мито Х2f сейчас: Турция-Иран-Кавказ

Оффлайн Орстхо

  • Сообщений: 317
  • Страна: ru
  • Рейтинг +81/-2
  • Y-ДНК: J1-FT256786
  • мтДНК: H-5
VPBper167   Conq. elite    10. (2nd half)   T2b+152   J2a1a1a2b2a3b1a1b~   J-Y17946*(xY142864)
SHper2   Conq. commoner    10. (2nd half)   H1c   J2a1a1a2b2a3b1b~   J-CTS6804*(xY33329,Y3640)

Если я правильно понял, первый по снипам близок к двум чеченцам.
Второй возможно близок к  вайнахам.


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