АвторТема: The attitude of young people in the city of Yakutsk to DNA-testing  (Прочитано 225 раз)

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The attitude of young people in the city of Yakutsk to DNA-testing
Full text: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8462860/

Sardana Kononova  1 , Dekabrina Vinokurova  2 , Nikolay A Barashkov  1 , Ariadna Semenova  2 , Sargylana Sofronova  1 , Sidorova Oksana  1 , Davydova Tatiana  1 , Valentin Struchkov  3 , Tatiana Burtseva  4 , Anna Romanova  1 , Sardana Fedorova  5

PMID: 34544327 PMCID: PMC8462860 DOI: 10.1080/22423982.2021.1973697


This pilot research was one of the first sociological studies with general questions on genetic testing with 300 participants, 75% of which were representatives of one people - the Sakha. A quantitative method was used: a sociological survey with quota sampling (Δ ± 5%), held in February - March 2018 in the City of Yakutsk (n = 350). Analysis of the survey results have shown that the respondents have low levels of awareness about the DNA-testing method: 72.3% "do not know about the method". Only 18.7% of respondents knew that since 2000 the Medical-Genetic Centre of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) conducts DNA diagnostics for hereditary diseases, with 81.0% replying that they didn't know that. The questionnaire has shown that 90.3% of participants would like to undergo DNA-testing to identify their susceptibility to genetic diseases. Our questionnaire has shown high levels of self-identity among the young Sakha and their desire to learn about their belonging to a specific ethnicity (49.3%) with the assistance of DNA-testing. Furthermore, based on the answers relating to motivations for undergoing DNA-testing, we can say that the respondents have confirmed the peculiarities of their national mindset, specifically, high value of children for a family: "concern for the health of my future children" was a great motivator for taking the test (50.3%).

Keywords: DNA testing; indigenous population; republic of sakha (yakutia); survey; young respondents.

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