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Синтетический геном
« : 02 Март 2010, 10:49:02 »
Ходили слухи, что 23&ме синтезировали Соню Гарднер, что Хома категорически опроверг. Теперь Джим синтезировал Северного Европейца:

Synthetic Northern European compared with 298 members
In conjunction with my DNA cousins project at https://www.23andme.com/you/community/thread/1327/ I have created a composite person from the SNP set contributions to the project. This was done by counting the frequency of the SNPs for each location among the SNP sets. The snp with the highest frequency for each location was then incorporated into the genome of the Synthetic Man/Woman. Since the majority of contributors to the project are of northern European ancestry the method would be expected yield a genome with the profile closest to that of a northern European. The resulting files are located in the Box.net directory http://www.box.net/shared/oskds8h9by

Northern Europeans compared to the Synthetic Person resemble grandparents in the average length of the HIR's, but lack the very long HIRs. The longest HIR in the set of 298 compared contributors is less than 10.49 cM. The most encompassed number of snps is 1354. About 1250 HIRs had more than 700 encompassed SNPs. The range of CM lengths within the 700 and more encompassed SNPs is from 2cM to 9.89.

I do not clearly understand the ramifications of the results in connection with locating DNA cousins. There are some contributors that would share blue smudges with the Synthetic European in 23asndme's Family Inheritance/ genome view feature, as might be expected, but not so many.

Please take a look at the results and comment at  https://www.23andme.com/you/community/thread/2642/

Interestingly, and not by design, my two sons, Scott and Shawn McMillan share the longest average HIR's with the Synthetic European.
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