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Forensic identification of skeletal remains from members of Ernesto Che Guevara’


Forensic identification of skeletal remains from members of Ernesto Che Guevara’s guerrillas in Bolivia based on DNA typing R. Lleonart, E. Riego, M. V. Sa?nz de la Pena, K. Bacallao, F. Amaro, M. Santiesteban, M. Blanco, H. Currenti2, A. Puentes, F. Rolo, L. Herrera and J. de la Fuente
--- Цитировать ---We report the positive identification of several members of the guerrillas led by Ernesto “Che” Guevara on the 1960 s in Bolivia by means of DNA fingerprinting. Successful DNA typing of both short tandem repeat loci and the hypervariable region of the human mitochondrial DNA was achieved after extracting total DNA from bones obtained from two burial sites. Given the size of the Cuban database for the STR allele frequencies, a conservative approach was followed to estimate the statistical significance of the genetic evidence. The estimated probabilities of paternity for the two cases in which the paternity logic was applied were higher than 99%. One case was analyzed using mitochondrial DNA and could not be excluded from the identity proposed by the forensic anthropology team. A fourth case was identified by exclusion, on the basis of the positive identification of the other remains, the historical and other anthropological evidence.
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it is am strange to think that the doctor Ernest Lynch (che guevara) was everywhere popular but not in the Argentina and in the Basque country where even leftist's circles seem uninterested, what is a paradox for Argentinian Basque.
Et comme dit le proverbe ; "Nul n'est prophète en son pays!"
And as says proverb; ' nobody is prophet in his country! '

Doctor Lynch-Gevarria Ernest (commandant Che Guevara, )
Nationality : Argentine
Breed : basque/irish (his mother is of a Basque family nobleman of the native to the province of Guipuzcoa., and of a Basque / Irish father horse breeder).
Social origin lower middle class pro-Nazi and poor upper class.
Colour of hair:chatain made darker 9.
Colours of eyes: green / blue
Haplo    DYS#
393    390    19    391    385a    385b    426    388    439    389-1    392    389-2
13    24    14    10    11    14    12    12    11    13    13    29
Speciality: champion of игра шахмат and horse riding
Occupation: military strategist and doctor.

Born: June 14th, 1928
à: Rosario (Argentina)
Sun: 22°57 ' Geminis WHIZZ: 1°58 ' Bull
Moon: 3°14 ' Bull MC: 5°28 ' Aquarius
Dominant features: Bull, Geminis, Ram
Moon, Jupiter, Venus
Houses 1, 2, 12 / Earth, Air / Basic salary
Astrology Chinese: Dragon of Earth
Numérologie: way of life 4
Size: Che Guevara measures 1m75 (5 ' 9 ")
Ernest Rafael Lynch-Guevara lord of the Serna, more known under the name of Che Guevara or Che (pronounce "Tché"), been born on June 14th, 1928 to Rosario, Argentina and carried out on October 9th, 1967 in Higuera (Bolivia), is a Marxist revolutionary and politician of Latin America, aiming Cuban internationalist guerilla. Che measured 1m75. While he is young student in medicine, Guevara travels across Latin America, what puts in touch it live broadcasting with poverty, in that...


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