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Applying the concept of a molecular clock to determine the age of a
mtDNA clade is not as simple as it might first appear. For example, if
you simply count differences from some reference sequence you include
both the markers that define the clade as well as discriminating
differences. On the other hand, if eliminate defining markers you
eliminate some important differences such as back mutations.
Furthermore, the mutation process is statistical in nature and there can
be large variations between persons in the same clade.

One approach around this problem is to compute average pair-wise
differences within a population. An attempt using this technique to
estimate the age of various clades within mtDNA Haplogroup J was
described in my paper "On the Structure and Age of mtDNA Haplogroup
JT--A Phylogenetic Tour" that was published in the Fall 2011 issue of
the /Journal of Genetic Genealogy/ (www.jogg.info). (A pre-release
version of this paper is available in the files section of this Yahoo

Jim Logan


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