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Re: Новички G2a
« Ответ #675 : 26 Октябрь 2019, 22:20:06 »
Кто знает, а что это за человек из Рязанской области?

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Re: Новички G2a
« Ответ #676 : 05 Ноябрь 2019, 18:01:14 »
Мне тут очень длинное письмо написал некий Ray Banks и просит выслать ему ссылку на BAM файл. Приведу несколько цитат из письма:

"You belong to an area of the tree and project which have long been referred to as the L497 group.   All the men share this mutation and others.  Today this group is seldom found outside of Europe.  Haplogroup G men have been found to be common among those who brought agriculture and metal tools to Europe – based on ancient DNA.  In contrast, only two L497 men have shown up among these ancient skeletons.  One is from Hungary dated to 4900-5300 years, and a more recent one was the skeleton of a Roman soldier supervisor near Munich, Germany, dated to 1700 years ago.  There had also been an early skeleton from Ukraine, but they withdrew the information when the study was published.  The scarcity of L497 in ancient European skeletons may point to a more recent migration there than with other G men."


 We were fortunate because one of the Karlssons had been tested at Full Genomes and has results for almost everything tested in you in the new Big Y.


You have 32 unique mutations which means it was about 3500 years ago since you last shared a paternal grandfather with the Karlssons.

You will notice at the bottom of the spreadsheet there are ??? listed. This indicates we do not know your results for all the unique mutations listed in the Karlssons in the tree.  This is important to know because Family Tree DNA will not report valid mutations unless there are at least 10 reads.  You may share more mutations with them.  A major problem will also exist when a new sample from your unique subgroup becomes available.  It will not be possible to determine your results for the new mutations – which may be from a sample outside Family Tree DNA.    I used the raw data file (called the BAM file) of the Karlssons and men near to you to confirm they are negative for your unique mutations. But I will not be able to do the same for new mutations when they are identified or for the ones so far unique to the Karlssons.   

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Re: Новички G2a
« Ответ #677 : 10 Ноябрь 2019, 12:16:58 »
Рэй очень крутой мужик который ведет проекты по G2a более 12 лет и переписывается с каждым


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