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Пришло мне два письма, что думаете господа?

To whomever wishes to help give our I1 haplogroup the potential of robust subclades, for everyone, I ask to please consider the 'Walk through the Y' project. It is hosted by FTDNA like any other test at http://www.familytreedna.com/walk-y-application.aspx.

One must first fill out the application to be accepted. Many applicants will be denied, but having a good selection of I1 individuals and donations toward any in I1 who are selected would be a great boon to the research like there has not been since the beginning of FTDNA for our haplogroup.

This news comes about as I have noticed in this previous month that we have received donations notated as being meant for this FTNDA project, and I have since considered the worth of contributing these funds from our project for just that. However, each individual sample has a cost of $750.00, much more than in our fund pool currently. Donations now may actually mean something at this time, so please, consider how this may be a viable step for our genetic research as never before.

_Samuel Theil

I am sending this to clarify Samuel's previous message for anyone who may be unclear about it.

There is a project underway called 'Walk the Y' to search for new, undiscovered SNPs in various groups including I1, and we are looking for candidates to test. The project's purpose is to find more subgroups within I1.

The number of participants will be limited, just a sampling of the main group, given the price per test and the requirements of the lab. However, everyone within I1 stands to benefit from just a few people being tested.

It costs $750 per sample. We are doing some fundraising as well.

To apply, visit this link:


To donate, no matter what amount:


Every contribution is appreciated and noted. Please be sure to add any details so we know how to direct your donation (i.e., Walk the Y Project in the Note field). First, select 'I' and then 'I1'. Add any directions or memoriam messages in the Note field.

To read more:


Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.



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