АвторТема: 640451 - I2a2 'Dinaric-N' (I-CTS10228) we recommend I2 - P37 SNP Pack or Big Y test  (Прочитано 1500 раз)

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Вот что написал мне Зденко Маркович:
"You received your Big Y-500 results. FTDNA put you in the I-Y18331 haplogroup. It is interesting haplogroup, most members are from southern Greece. It has one known subgroup I-A2512 and two distinctive clusters in it. You have A2512- result and do not belong to the I-A2512 haplogroup.

We already have two Y18331+ and A2512- Big Y results, both of them are from Greece: Xenos 117308 and Salis IN32589. They do not share any SNP below I-Y18331 and belong to different lines in that haplogroup. But you share two SNPs with Salis and thanks to your Big Y test, a new branch below I-Y18331 is identified. The shared SNPs are Y158862 and A23501. The other names for these SNPs are BY182587 and BY182855.

I pick Y158862 to name your  haplogroup.
You can see your haplogroup in the I-CTS10228 draft haplotree in the attachment. Also you can find I-P37 haplogroup updates here:   http://i2aproject.blogspot.com/

Salis IN32589 is not your close match, but it is closer than any of your STR matches who belong to other haplogroups. Salis has eight and you have eleven private SNPs. These private varints/SNPs occured after your lines split, maybe 1000 years ago. They are not found in any other I-P37 Big Y result."
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...Заказал и Big Y-700, хотя наверное это мне уже мало что даст...???


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