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Оффлайн Farroukh

  • Maternal Y-DNA: R1b-L584
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  • Сообщений: 11402
  • Страна: az
  • Рейтинг +2106/-15
  • Paternal Mt-DNA: M9a1b1
    • Azerbaijan DNA Project
  • Y-ДНК: E-Y37518
  • мтДНК: F2f
ВБОП с жителями Леванта и Аравии где-то такой же, как и у армян из списка выше. Вопрос только в направлении движения и с какими историческими событиями III-II тысячелетий его можно связать.
Да, это явно позднее Лейла-тепе, тут скорее шумерские дела  :)

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  • Я всего лишь уличный повеса, Улыбающийся встречным лицам
  • Сообщений: 12481
  • Страна: ru
  • Рейтинг +2449/-10
  • 76% East Europe + 17% Finland
  • Y-ДНК: J1a2b1a-ZS3114 > ZS3084, ЖМ: I2a1a2b1a1a1a1-Z16971 > Y159653, МЖМ: G2a2b1a1a1a2b2-FT44209
  • мтДНК: K1b1a1-T199C, МЖ: H13a1a1d
id:YF66699 Thats me just in case :)

Nice to see you here Ilgar! :)

The first one - id:YF66716  He lives in Jordan and confirmed his Turkmen ancestry -Banu al Saidan - Arab al turkmen tribe confederation. His forefather fought with ottomans and recruited local turkmens from area for them. He is at 9 genetic distance within 67 markers with me

The second one -  519043  Ahmad Mustafa Saidan again same tribe Turkmen Al-mansi village northern palestine. He is at 7 genetic distance within 67 markers with me. and same distance with my Big Y match -id:YF66716. Ahmad Mustafa Saidan have not ordered Big Y . So most probabaly he is my big y match as well.

Congratulations! So as far as I understand the Turkic subclade should apear downstream ZS1706.

I guess we all share same Turkic ancestry though it is still unclear when our great ancestor was turkified as yet this is middle eastern subclade.

Now as I've said looks like we'll have a Turkic sublade downstream ZS1706. Let's see how the situation will develop in the future. Hope new people will appear on the YFull tree and have more recent common ancestors times with your Turkic subclade. Maybe their geography and ethnicities would suggest the answer.

Anyway Z1706 seems to be not so much popular among the Arabs. So maybe some other Middle Eastern peoples were Turkified. I think the time of your most common ancestor with id:YF66716 and 519043 may give some hint.

Btw, Emir Saad is buried here in Armenia if you are interested of course :)     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mausoleum_of_Kara_Koyunlu_emirs

Thank you for the link! I am interested in everything concerning the area of my paternal haplogroup :)

And by the way, that syrian from yfull - YF66863, I hardly tried to find any contact info of him though I couldn`t. It seems that he has given test not through ftdna. So any information regarding him would be greatly appreciated!

Maybe this information will be helpful to you.

YSC076 Project admins groupped 4 of us as  J1-YSC76→FGC15940→ZS1711→Z18216→ZS1706→ZS7073

Here is ZS1706 in the J1 poject table:

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